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Wonderful environment for cycling.

Wednesday morning Hélène, the hostess of Les 3 Marches, joined us for breakfast and soon the conversation turned to Retinoblastoma. Many other topics were also discussed, including travel and languages.

The route ran a bit through Switzerland again. It was striking that on the French side there was a lot of ribbon development, in contrast to Switzerland. This makes a messy impression.

Much of the track was gravel, but without the steep inclines. As a result, there were fewer slots in the stone bottom and you did not have to maneuver as much.

The apartment is located in the village of Remoray-Boujeons. It only has one auberge and it is closed on Wednesdays. In the wider area it is difficult to find a restaurant. The nearest is 8.5 km away and is separated from my place by a ridge. That is also 300m of climbing and descending. But it was worth it. The road ran through forests interspersed with meadows. I came across about 10 cattle grids in the road. On the way back, the cattle had gathered by the road. Fortunately, the cows moved so far that I could cycle through them.

The restaurant was excellent and I had a delicious meal. For those who come nearby: Auberge de la Haute Joux, Bonnevaux.

Thursday a long route of 120 km. It’s cool in the morning, 13 degrees. Only in the afternoon does the mercury go to 26 degrees, just like yesterday. The France-Comte area consists of rolling hills and has many specially constructed cycle paths. Ideal for making some pace. With a start at 8:30 am I was everywhere at 3:10 pm at the place of destination: Moulin de Montferney.

Moulin de Montferney is owned by a professor of psychology. It is self-taught and has taught itself the trade of leatherworking. A river also flows on the estate. A micro hydropower plant is now good for the continuous production of 25 kW of electricity, which is supplied to the grid. The building is warmed by an industrial wood stove with a capacity of 60kw. The pool is heated by solar panels. It was wonderful to swim at a water temperature of 27 degrees.

The table d’hôte meal was very cozy with 11 people at the table. Most of the ingredients of all dishes came from their own small-scale garden with chickens. After a while, Retinoblastoma came up. One of the guests turned out to be very visually impaired (5% sight).

Her husband was an avid cyclist. And together they had discovered the electric tandem. As a thank you to the hostess and host, a couple performed French songs. He on guitar and both vocals. All in all a pleasant evening.

On Friday morning it was raining. Once I had breakfast and packed the bike, the rain turned into torrential rain. Since the weather forecast did not predict much good, I left anyway. After 2.5 km my shoes were already full of water. After 1 hour the rain subsided a bit. The route first ran for 35 km on an old railway line. Then you soon arrive in the thousand lakes area of ​​the Vosges. When I arrived at the house of Riejeanne and Roeland, I had not seen a dry road surface. That’s why I only got off for a pee and to change the battery. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures because I was wet and my hands weren’t that mobile anymore.

As I write this blog I have started my last week. I would like to ask you to donate the saved amount of € 0.25 per person per day before Friday 7 July. See blog of June 6. Then I can announce the final score at the drink on Friday between 4 and 5 p.m., to which you are all invited. The standings on Friday 30 June are €12,264. Thank you very much for this.

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