The longest climb to date

A nice weekend with Rie and Janneke

Cycled into the Drôme today. And you guessed it, the river bears the same name Le Drôme. The first place for a cup of coffee was along the river. In the afternoon I started the longest climb of my route to the col Le Rousset. It has an altitude of 1254m. The climb has a length of 18.6 km. I started downstairs with the 2nd battery and was only allowed to use tour support, the 2nd of 4, because otherwise I wouldn’t reach the highest point. I was at the top in 1h32min. That was really mind at zero and look at infinity. The hardest moments were the hairpin bends. In some the wind was so strong that you had to be careful not to be blown over with your bike. Therefore, upon arrival in la Chappelaine, it was wonderful to take a shower and have a drink outside in the shade.

Yes, and it’s Saturday again. Tonight I see Rie and Janneke in Allevard. But first I have to cycle from la Chappelle-en-Vercors to Allevard. A journey of 120 km. This turned out to be easy and I was already there at 14:30. The surprise here is the descent from Villard de Lens to Grenoble. This is about 20 km long and I could do it within half an hour.

At 15:00 Rie and Janneke arrived. Enjoyed chatting and eating something together on a terrace. Sunday a nice car ride along Le Bréda to Les 7 Laux. And now working on my blog.

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