The last blog I write while traveling

The journey took me through 7 countries

It is country 6 where I wake up on Tuesday morning. The route runs from Dudelange via the city of Luxembourg, Echternach and Bettingen to Biersdorf am See. This is again in Germany. Bas Luxembourg is located on the river Alzette and looks lovely. It is wonderful in the sun at about 20 degrees. Again, large parts of the route run over old railway lines. That makes cycling very easy.

Today, Wednesday, is a windy and cold day. You have to be careful, especially with crosswinds. This will blow you off the bike. But compared to storm Poly, I can count myself lucky. Had little sun. Belgium is the 7th country where I will spend the night on this trip.

It’s already my last blog on the way. I will see you on Friday to raise a glass with you, donors, family, friends and former colleagues, to the successful outcome of this very nice project. Jan Hokaarsstraat 21, 5708CX Helmond, 16:00-17:00

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