I leave the Alps behind me.

The stony mountain paths take their toll.

A weekend goes by quickly when it’s fun. I am the first to leave in the morning. Another beautiful route. The highlight is Lake Annecy. There is a cycle path around the entire lake and has a length of 40 km. I drove half.

Today, Tuesday, I discovered a notch in my front tire while cycling away. The outer wall is completely through, but the fabric does not seem to be really damaged. This took some searching, but at the 2nd store in Switzerland I found a gravel tire. It turned out to be exactly the same. That’s lucky. When you leave Switzerland you drive into the Jura. Again a few very nice climbs and a very special descent. This was in fact a stone path over a ski slope. You must have walked something like this in the summer when you go up with the elevator and down on foot.

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