Fête de la Musique

The rougher Alps force route adjustments

To prevent me from being faced with impassable slopes, I have only marked paved roads. So no surprises on Wednesday. The route included a climb to the Col du Corobin. It has an altitude of 1211m. Both the climb and the descent run through a ravine. The result is impressively steep rock walls and a roaring river. Very nice.

Upon arrival at Au Diapason, Baptiste told us that today is Fête de la Musique. Amateur musicians perform all over France. He himself also had to perform elsewhere in the region. Since I am the only guest, no cooking is done for me. But at the only bar in the village of 6 houses, a band performs and you can also eat here.

The band mainly played French chansons. I didn’t know most of them, but it was only then that I realized that the accordion plays a very important role. The audience consisted of about 50 people, who came from far and wide, but everyone knew each other. This I deduced from the bis bis habit of greeting. The meal consisted of rice with sauce and sausage and almost everyone took part. It was an entertaining evening.

Thursday morning it was cloudy and the first raindrops fell. The climb started straight away and led to the Col du Fanget. The descent was largely along the river Le Blanch Torrent. Here you can see that this part of the Alps consists of slate. This produces many slopes of slate grit. Towards noon a huge thunderstorm came. Luckily I was close to a terrace to take shelter. Made a virtue of necessity and immediately ate a sandwich. After that I was able to continue the route without significant rain.

By evening I got the new status. € 11084 has now been donated. Thanks to you all.

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