Cycling 7.000 kilometers

The idea for the bike ride arose last summer. It will not surprise many that I chose Italy as the destination for my journey. Disadvantage is the fact that the roads in Southern Europe are  not particularly bike friendly. In my search for alternatives I landed on gravel bike routes. This allows for a pleasant trip crossing local paved roads and even sand/gravel roads.

The journey stretches over 7000 kilometers. My goal is to complete it within 60 days. To do so I will need to cover approximately 150 kilometers per day, with every 7th day a day of rest.

The bike I will use, a TREK RAIL 5, has a range of up to 150 kilometers in mountainous areas. Given the amount of luggage this requires a double battery. 

My overnight stays will be at B&B’s, hotels and simple pensions, so I can charge my batteries. Any help in arranging free overnight stays for me along the route, would be much appreciated. 

meanwhile I ‘m planning the tour in detail. As soon as the stages and the stops are known, I will share them with you here.